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Are you Digital Marketing professional and want to digital marketing guest post or share your thoughts on digitalcozy.com?

Digital Cozy accepting guest articles and always looking digital marketing write for us and professional writers who can write well (relevant and informative) content for our readers on digital marketing, SEO, blogging, social media, email marketing, internet marketing etc. and offer them excellent marketing services to improve your site visibility and organic traffic.


Digital marketing write for us

Digital Marketing Guest Post Topics We Cover:

·         Digital Marketing Trends

·         Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

·         Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

·         Google Ads PPC

·         Social Media Marketing

·         Content Marketing

·         Video Marketing

·         SEO Tool and Techniques

·         Social Media Strategy

·         E-mail Marketing

·         Affiliate marketing

·         Social Media Advertising

·         Ecommerce Platforms

·         Email Marketing Tools


Follow Digital Marketing Write For Us - Guest Post Guidelines:

·         Ensure your post content should be 100% unique and relevant to your topic

·         Length of your article must be 1000+ words

·     Content must be free from grammar and spelling mistake error and must be SEO optimized.

·    We are allowed 1 dofollow or maximum 2 dofollow link in a post and not allowed Affiliate links in your post

·     Image must be relevant to your topic with high resolutions so avoid irrelevant or copyright images

·   Use clear language and short paragraphs and proper heading tag to make it proper readable


Digital Cozy Guest Post Features:

·         Published your article within 12 working hours

·         Give you permanent dofollow link

·         Article indexed on Google definitely

·         Link insertion also possible in existing post

·         Article writing services available

·         Guest post accept in affordable price


Benefits of guest posting on Digital Cozy:

Generating backlinks with SEO: When you post article on site digitalcozy.com get return excellent dofollow backlink to increase your backlink profile strengthen and domain authority.

Increase organic traffic: With guest posting will place your brand in front of new and targeted audience. And also increase your keyword position.

Expanding your network: With guest posting you can increase your business network online.

Increasing your social media followers: When you published your article on other site then include your social media profile link on content or author bio and share the article your article your own account also.


How to Submit a Guest Post on Digital Cozy?

Simple| just send message in our email id Info@digitalcozy.com to contact us.  If you are new and have no idea how to submit guest post then you can take the help of Wikipedia. We have all right to edit, remove any irrelevant links and modify your article in future. And if your article is ready then send me on email for approval & publication and get response within 12 working hours.


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