Bring in Innovation and Productivity with High-Performance Computing


High-performance computing (HPC) refers to the practice of utilizing and computing in a way that delivers exponential performance than traditional computers. HPC is just like regular computing but much more powerful. With such an ability, it helps you explore and unlock the answers to the most bugging problems in fields like business, science and more.

High-Performance Computing

How Does HPC Work?

The HPC architecture has three main components: compute, network, and storage.

A high-performance computing architecture uses multiple computer servers (nodes) connected over a network to form a cluster. Although HPC can also work on a single node, its actual power is evident when multiple nodes come together as a cluster or a supercomputer with parallel data processing. Meaning software programs and algorithms run simultaneously in the nodes in a cluster. Each node maintains the same pace as the other to ensure the performance of the HPC architecture. The cluster gets connected to data storage for fetching the results. HPC clusters can compute extreme simulations, data analysis, and AI interference which isn't possible with a single system. HPC architecture is deployed on-premise, at the edge, and in the Cloud. 

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HPC Computing: The Benefits

·   Speed: One of the prime benefits of HPC comes from its speed. HPCs can perform rapid calculations and simulations that aren't possible with regular computers. The HPC is built in such a way that it can do multiple parallel computing much faster than with a single processor. A single HPC architecture has hundreds and thousands of processors running simultaneously. As a result, the tasks get performed in an exceptionally shorter time. 


The speed of HPC is calculated in FLOPS, floating point operations per second in different units like teraFLOPS (trillions of FLOPS), petaFLOPS (quadrillions of FLOPS), and exaFLOPS (quintillions of FLOPS).

·       Easy Access: HPC can be accessed by anyone, anytime, and anywhere. If you want to access HPC from a distance, you can easily do it. No matter the country or place, you have access to high-performance computing resources in multiple ways. With such flexibility, HPC allows users of all fields to make the most of their work. Also, you don't need to be an IT expert to run, view and manage data. 

·  Business Optimization: HPC makes streamlining processes easy. For businesses, it's a perfect tool for process optimization, automation, and improvement. And for innovation too. HPC is also an excellent management tool for business. Many big companies have already utilized it as their management tool, such as Google uses HPC to manage their massive data centres. 

·    Automated Testing: The New age applications require a lot of manual testing before they get released for public use. Manual testing not only requires cost but also time for repeated tests. With high-performance computing, one can reduce the need for physical testing. HPC can be employed for testing new designs, materials and whatnot. It's a relief for companies that can't afford the higher costs associated with physical testing. High-performance testing started first in the aerospace, defense and automotive industries, but today it has taken place in almost every industry. 

·    Affordability: HPC is more affordable than supercomputing for two reasons. First, they utilize fewer clusters and are also available as cloud computing, which reduces the need for physical architecture. Secondly, their processing is significantly faster. With that, businesses deliver better and quick results and save more money. For businesses, this is a huge opportunity to improve their profit margins. And also, by saving time, they can focus on the aspects of their business and highlight their bottom line. Although you have to make an initial investment in the HPC system, the productivity and processing make it worth the investment. 


Application of HPC: 

HPC solutions are applied across multiple industries for various purposes, like research, artificial intelligence, financial services, medicines, oil and gas, media and entertainment etc. 



High-performance computing has become an integral part of modern life. Be it medicine, finance, manufacturing or other industry. It is here to solve the complexities that the world needs today. Well, the benefits are many, and now it's up to you how you leverage it for your own good. 

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