7 Top Features of Intel Evo Laptops Which Make Travelling Easy



Intel Evo Laptops

Laptops are often sold with travel in mind, and most consumers enjoy the idea of a savvy adventurer. Business travel is part and parcel of our daily lives. From conferences to meetings to client visits, staying connected with the office is key. As such, having the right laptop can make all the difference in staying productive and stress-free while on the go.

Here are seven features that any business traveler should consider when looking for a new Intel Evo laptop.

1.   Endurance:

Endurance always comes to mind when you are talking about travel or adventure. It’s, of course, true that you want a laptop with more battery life. The main issue is how long your device's battery lasts. 

However, there’s no standardized testing method for judging your device's battery. A laptop's endurance should be tested on specific benchmarks such as heat generation, display, touchscreen, etc.

To run demanding apps or play heavy-truck games like Idle miners, Mega truck, Car carrier Trailer, etc., optimum battery life is crucial.

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2.   Display:

The display size is crucial because it’s shorthand for the overall width and length of the laptop. Typically, a laptop of 15.6 is always going to be much larger than its counterparts.


The 15.6 size is popular as it offers extensive and easy-to-use display qualities. But you can’t go for economy class with a large display even if you use it on a bus or train.

Most travelers prefer laptops with size considerations of 12.1 to 13.3 inches. They are much easier to use and operate in tight spaces. Smaller laptops need small bags to hold them. This reduces the size of the carry-on.  

You can also go for an IPS display which offers wide viewing angles. This makes text readable in case of even standing above or side of the laptop. Travelers who need to collaborate with co-workers can go with a handy trait. 

3.   Durability:

The average consumer laptop isn’t built to be durable. Most of the models have glossy exteriors which scratch easily. So, don’t enforce the chassis to prevent damage during a fall. 

This is ideal for a laptop that spends its time on the desk. Conversely, it’s not suitable for laptops that spend bumping around a bag, jostling in luggage, and moving rapidly across multiple locations. 

There are various features related to durability, like chassis reinforcements, metal display hinges, shock-mounted hard drives, spill-resistant keyboards, and so on. These functions are common on business notebooks such as Lenovo ThinkPad and others. 

4.   Keyboards:

Keyboard quality becomes crucial for any traveler. Most travelers use laptops as their primary PC and choose small laptops with limited key space. A good typing experience improves productivity and reduces frustration.

Laptop users should pay attention to the size of alpha-numeric keys like backspace and shift. Those laptops with larger letter keys make possible a range of activities. 

5.   Ports:

Today, most laptops, even ultraportable models, have several USB ports. This is crucial for notebooks to have at least one or two USB 3.0 ports. Adequate ports ensure your device can connect to the latest external hard drives and flash drives that quickly move data. 

It becomes crucial to pay attention to microphones or jacks. Many small laptops reduce both to a single slot. This is the main issue for travelers because some headsets and webcams require headphones and microphone jacks.

This also means that you can’t use a microphone and headphones at the same time. Ports can create issues for those individuals who go for on-the-go recording.

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6.   Power Adapter:

The power adapter refers to a chunk of plastic which is basically connected to your laptop’s power cord. Most individuals don’t pay much mind to space, but they can drag you while travelling. 

Some laptops still come with huge power adapters, which can easily add another half-pound to the combined weight of your system. 

7.   User Serviceability:

Extended battery life could be better, but the battery cannot be swiped for a second fresh unit. It never runs out of juice. 

This can make the laptop harder to repair or more expensive for an independent shop to service. Travellers should look for a laptop that is as easy to open as possible.

Wrapping Up:

The best business Intel Evo laptop offers a good experience without external accessories. Your computer must have particular functionalities to run multiple programs simultaneously. This will help you in performing official duties more efficiently.

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