JK EPM Portal: How to Login and Registration on epm.jk.gov.in Portal


What is epm.jk.gov.in?

EPM (Employee Performance Monitoring) portal launched by the Jammu & Kashmir governments used to monitor employee performance and productivity check on Jammu and Kashmir’s state workers. If you are employed of Jammu and Kashmir government then you need qualified to receive all information about the EPM JK Portal. It’s used to access the operations of the employees in the various departments of the Jammu and Kashmir government. This is official website and employees will also be able to monitor their own progress. In this article we discuss all information step by step like login, registration, employee salary slip and how to download JK EPM Portal app.


JK EPM Portal 2023 and epm.jk.gov.in Overview:

The government employees of J&K do registration on portal visit to the official website. Seventh date of every month should be submitting all information on the portal. Then officials controlling officer review your submitted work by employee on 15th of the month. The J&K government will be charge of the controlling officer and this new portal only used by the employee of J&K state govt.


epm.jk.gov.in Overview:

Name - JK EPM Portal 2023

Form - J&K EPM (Employee Performance Monitoring) Portal

Launched by - J&K State Chief Secretary

Year - 2023

Objective - Access the monthly performance of all government employees

Beneficiary - Government Employees of J&K State

Application Mode - Online

Report submission date - 17th of every month

Website - www.epm.jk.gov.in

Customer Support Email - epm-support@jk.gov.in


How to Register with JK EPM Portal?

·         First you need open browser and go to official website: www.epm.jk.gov.in

·    Get homepage will show on your screen and choose “Registration/Login” button.

·         Choose “New User” when you get back to the login screen.

·         Then show registration page.

·         Enter the CPISID and click on Get Details button.

·         After finish registration go to drop down button and choose "Send".

·     After complete the registration process you get your sign-in information on your phone.

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How to Login with JK EPM Portal?

·         First you need open browser and go to EPM official website

·         you get home page on your screen

·         Select "Login" from the home page

·         Enter your information as username, password and verification code

·         Then click on "Sign in" from the menu on the right


How to Recover Forget Password?

·         Go to the login page and click on forget password option

·         Then enter your CPISID on tab and get details

·         After process you get your forget password


How to get JK EPM Portal Sandes App?

·         Open "Google Play Store" app on your mobile and search “Sandes App”.

·         After show “Sandes App” and click on "Install" button

·    Once you have done configuring the programme, run it after complete install process.

·         You see a shortcut icon on your screen

·         Now open app on your phone

·         You will get welcome message and now access your account

·     As an illustration you have two options one is phone number and other is Email address.

·         Select one of them, and receive OTP on your mobile no or email

·     At this time, you use phone number, enter OTP and received one-time password on your phone

·    Now fill your information such as name, gender etc. on your application form and upload our profile picture

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How to submit your activity report on JK EPM Portal?

·         First visit official website: epm.jk.gov.in

·         Now open website on your screen

·         Click on Registration/Login tab

·         Now open new page on your screen

·         Enter your username, password and verify captcha

·         Now click on login button

·         Now you see employee dashboard on your screen

·         And click on "submit activity option" button

·         Fill required details and select month

·         Finally click on submit option and submit your activity report


Benefits of JK EPM Portal:

The benefits of using the portal are:

·   JK EPM Portal helps government to track Government Employees and their working status

·         It is very effective and online portal

·         Its work very smooth of Employees and their grievances as well

·  With this evaluation of these Government employees by their respective reporting and controlling officers


Eligibility of JK EPM Portal:

·         Users must be from J&K state

·         Users must be Government Employees also


Documents need for JK EPM Portal:

·         CPISID

·         Registered mobile number



Q1. What is EPM JK Portal full form?

Ans. EPM JK stands for Employee Performance Monitoring Jammu and Kashmir Portal.


Q2. On which date of every month employee performance will be update on the portal?

Ans. 17th of every month


Q3. Who will be able to avail of the benefits of the EPM JK Portal?

Ans. Govt employee of Jammu & Kashmir

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