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Kraket is a study association for operational research and econometrics at the Vrije university (VU) Amsterdam, whose name is Kraket. It was founds on 14th July, 1972 and full form of Kraket is ‘Kritische Aktuarissen en Econometristen’, means ‘Critical Actuaries and Econometricians’ and currently works 1000+ members in this association. Most of the members Kraket association belong to Econometrics Association and many reasons besides this membership.


Kraket helps students to find a perfect job according to their qualifications and skill and their interested field. And benefits of their company and organization hiring skillful and talented interns to work with them in common goal. So in this article, we discuss all details about it like its aim, purpose, mission, importance, advantages and disadvantages etc.

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What is Kraket?

Kraket is user friendly interface and easily connect to trade services and products for buyers and sellers. But most of the Kraket revenue comes with the sale of premium membership plans and advertising sales. It’s also offers a commission based program, incentivizing users and new sellers onto this platform. With the help of Kraket you can earn money through affiliate marketing and agreements with another companies like amazon, flipkart etc.

Mostly platform are similar for selling physical products, but Kraket is unique for focuses exclusively on selling digital products and services.

What is aim of Kraket?

The main aim of Kraket association is to join business and students community celebrating with National Econometrists Day and provides their students practical application of their study. So members of Kraket come into touch with companies and introduce in the labor market and organized both formal and relaxing activities.

What is the mission of Kraket?

Kraket main mission is to bridge the gap between the students and employees to connect with each other and helps to find work most meaningful. Students get more information and knowledge about various jobs when able to communicate with employees. So students get more benefits and help them to find best and suitable job.

How to Join Kraket?

·   Firstly you go to Kraket platform and connect with different companies and organizations

·         After that find suitable job according to their skills and careers

·         Complete your enrollment process

·         And get easily track their progress and receive feedback

·    Finally benefits are both students and companies like students get job according to their skill and interest, and companies get very talented people who may work with them in a long way.


Why is Kraket Important?

Kraket is online platform that connect students with companies employee and helps to find meaningful work. It is very beneficial for students to provide opportunities connect with different employers and get information about available jobs. It’s making easy to find job opening and apply for them to the students.


How Does It Work?

It is a unique online platform that connects students with employee in meaningful work and interested field. It’s also helps students to find their passions matching job opportunities. It is online shop for students looking work according their interest with over 20,000 jobs listed on the platform.

Firstly students need to create a profile and select their interested field. And you can browse all the available jobs in their field and click on your interests on the platform. Just select a job and get all detailed listing job with company website, requirements and salary range etc.


How Does Kraket Make Money?

Kraket is an online platform that allows user to sell services and products online. And makes money by services charging fee with commissions on sales made by its users. And also earn revenue with displaying ads on website. It’s also receives payments from advertisers.


Advantages of Kraket:

There are many advantages of Kraket as:

·   It helps many of the students to find best job according to their skills and talents.

·   It provides many advices to the students regarding their careers advice and workshop.

·       Directly connects students with organization employees and guides them a lot.

·    It helps both organization and students to hire talented professionals in their organization and students finding a perfect job or works for them.


Disadvantages of Kraket:

There are many disadvantages of Kraket as:

·       It is different from each other so not everyone find this platform very useful

·      Process or the website may be very slow and time consuming with upload their resume and other details with that.



You get a good job according to their interest, skill and qualifications if you are student in Amsterdam because Kraket is best platform for your help. It helps the students to provide best work and find a most preferred career opportunity according to your preferences. In this article we cover all details of this platform, and we hope it is very beneficial for you.


Q. Where is Kraket located or headquarter?

Ans. 1105 De Boelelaan, Amsterdam, Noord-holland, 1081 HV, Netherlands


Q. What is official website of Kraket?



Q. What is Revenue of Kraket?

Ans. $7.8 Million


Q. What is SIC code of Kraket?

Ans. SIC: 82,822


Q. How many employees Kraket have?

Ans. 100 employees


Q. What industry does Kraket belong to?

Ans. Media & Internet General, Media & Internet


Q. Is Kraket a public company?

Ans. It is a private company and currently not has any official ticker symbol.

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