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What is Fanatec UK?

Fanatec is a leading brand for all dedicated sim racing hardware, pedals, such as force feedback steering wheels and entire cockpits. Since everything is shipped from within the UK and all fanatec products are made in UK for you so no need to worry about import tax or duty. And the price you see includes VAT in the UK. All of the stock items are current date and ready to ship for FedEx NEXT DAY shipping.

Fanatec UK

Fanatec UK is the website for simtech racing and sim racing machines. And fanatec hardware suppliers. This website is not authorized by Fanatec, and these businesses not authorized resellers of Fanatec products. These companies can help you to buy Fanatec hardware from within the UK. So in this article you read everything about Fanatec UK.


Where Can I Purchase Fanatec Wheels in the UK?

Since Fanatec does not have any official resellers in the UK, so the best place to buy Fanatec products in the UK is directly from Fanatec. Despite the fact that Fanatec is based in Germany, and they provide good shipping and delivery to the entire United Kingdom. Fanatec products are occasionally available for purchase on Amazon, but this is uncommon and most are marked up significantly from third-party unofficial sellers.

We strongly recommend purchasing directly from Fanatec rather than from third-party sellers. You will be aware that Fanatec offers complete support and a warranty in this manner.


Are there any delivery fees for imports to the UK?

Products delivered to the UK from Fanatec's European web store are now subject to import duty charges since the EU's exit. When you make a purchase directly from Fanatec, these fees are not taken into account. They will instead be calculated by the chosen delivery company.


Who Is the Official UK Distributor of Fanatec?

Digital Motorsports, a sim racing company based in Ireland, also offers brand-new Fanatec products for sale. This is helpful for UK residents who want to avoid importing Fanatec products directly into Europe.

However, deliveries to the UK may still be subject to import duty due to Digital Motorsports' Irish location. Despite this, sim racers in the UK benefit from having a second purchasing option.

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How long does delivery to the UK take?

The delivery of Fanatec wheels purchased in the United Kingdom originates directly from the company's German distribution center. This does necessitate shipping all products through Europe, across the English Channel, and finally to your door.

When placing an order directly with Fanatec, it will typically arrive within a week or less. Fanatec will typically confirm your order and provide you with a tracking number for your delivery within one to two days. After the shipping confirmation, you should then receive your order within 4-5 working days, depending on the delivery method.


Does Fanatec work with third party retailers?

Fanatec does not use official resellers or retailers from third parties. The best place to buy any new Fanatec products is directly from Fanatec

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